Super Princess Peach
Super Princess Peach Europe
Europe Box Art
Kanji スーパープリンセスピーチ
Rōmaji Sūpā Purinsesu Pīchi
Developer TOSE
Publisher Nintendo
Designer Sakuraitooru
Series Super Princess Peach series
Release date JP September 1, 2005
NA February 27, 2006
EU May 26, 2006
AU March 30, 2006
Modes Singleplayer
Genres Platform
Platforms Nintendo DS
Media 256-megabit DS card
Input Methods Buttons, D-Pad, Microphone, Touchscreen
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Next Game Super Princess Daisy


Vibe Island is a mysterious island not far from the Mushroom Kingdom, but hardly ever spoken of, as it contains great power. Bowser hears of Vibe Island, and builds a summer villa there. A few of his minions discover the legendary Vibe Scepter, and Bowser plots to use it as revenge on Mario and Luigi. While Princess Peach is taking a stroll, Bowser's minions head to Peach's Castle and send a Goomba in to use the scepter to cause chaos so they can capture the brothers. The minions charge in once the scepter is in activation, and captures Mario, Luigi, Toad, and other Toads. The minions report back to Bowser, but the Goomba starts to cause chaos in the villa by waving the scepter. Everyone is either happy, angry, or sad. Back at the castle, the Princess returns from her walk with Toadsworth and a Toad and all are shocked to see the castle. They go inside to find everyone extremely happy, raging with anger, or nonstop crying. One Toad sees the letter Bowser left for them, explaining they captured Mario. Princess Peach, in rage, proclaims she will rescue them, as she has been saved by them many times.

Before Peach departs, Toadsworth gives the princess an unordinary umbrella named Perry, who will journey along with Peach in the worlds. Perry can talk, and later is seen with a sad backstory revealed as the player adventures.

Voice castEdit

Character Name Voice Actor (Japanese) V.A. (English)
Princess Peach Akemi Okamura Jen Taylor
Mario Junko Takeuchi Charles Martinet
Luigi Kentaro Ito Charles Martinet
Toad Ikue Otani Jen Taylor
Bowser Toshiyuki Morikawa Scott Burns